BulldogPit - Johannes Lars & Matthew Anders - The Pet

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Description: Leather-dressed dad Matthew Anders enjoys his new doll, and his new toy loves him. Chained and caged, dog-child Johannes Lars it is, and reaches the support of his grasp on his legs prepared to do as he’ like every great servant must s informed. Pressing his uncut penis through the cafes, Johannes laps like drawing on the lollipop in the shaft. As he is able to through the powerful steel consuming as much struts. After having fun with his sleek red pit, lubing it-up with throw and sampling his kids long heavy penis, bearded Matt wishes more from his boy and brings him from the crate but still bent inside, slides his natural dick deep inside the milky-white child, tugging on his string collar as he gets him to back-up onto him, showing exactly what a penis-starving dog he is really to his grasp. Getting him from the crate like a handle to take dick so nicely, Matthew gets him to bounce along with that simple wang, experiencing the heat of his base enter him further than before, heading balls-deeply over and over, the string of his lead clinking with each rebound, telling him he’s under possession and must please his guy. Displaying his understanding, Matthew Anders that was dad launches a heavy fill over Johannes, his red pit gratefully taking every accessible fall because it&rsquo up;s fucked into him, a content master's hallmark. Permitting his child to shoot Johannes addresses them having a large weight of spunk;s leather shoes, and kneels before Matt&rsquo. Lapping in the clean fill, washing of what he simply shot over them his shoes, Johannes occupies every-last fall, departing his youthful body saturated in cum and the shoes glowing.
Models: Johannes Lars