Hard Brit Lads - Stefan Stewart & Jack Jefferson

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Description: Stefan Stewart is such a hot piece of muscular beefcake, with a super thick 8.5 inch cock, but being a str8 lad, there is only so much he will do.. He did a great solo for HardBritLads a few weeks ago, and i was desperate to get him back to go a bit further.. After alot of talking, (and financial incentives.. ) he finally agreed to having a guy suck him off. FANTASTIC! Jack Jefferson is a stunning guy, with a muscular body and awesome sucking skills, so I thought he would be the best guy for the job. I wasnt wrong! To start with, i had Jack on his knees, with Stefan standing over him. Jack rubs oil into his and Stefans big muscular bodies. Check out Stefans legs - incredible. His body is incredible all over, as is Jacks. Then he rubs and squeezes the bulge in Stefans black shorts, getting him semi hard, before taking his cock out the side of his shorts. He jerks him off a little, then takes his large semi hard dick in his mouth, getting his cock nice and moist, and jerking him off slowly.. its not long till str8 lad Stefan starts to get hard.. even when he is soft his cock is pretty huge, but when it gets hard, its massive! And incredibly thick too. Jack sucks good and deep, and licks his balls too, and then pulls down Stefans shorts. He sucks deeper now, almost managing to deepthroat. Usually he can deepthroat expertly, but Stefan is just too big and thick to get all the way down - but he has a damn good try and its SO hot to watch.. Stefan is clearly loving it, having never been sucked so well before. They move onto the bench, Stefan lays back and lets Jack pleasure him some more. Jack is so turned on by this point, he gets his hard cock out - its a big thick 8 incher. Jack continues sucking, going as deep as he can, till both guys are bursting to shoot their loads.. Stefan stands over Jack, to get his big balls licked and sucked, while Jack jerks himself off, shooting a big thick creamy load over his chest and 6 pack. Ready to burst, Stefan finally shoots his hot load of spunk into Jacks face and mouth. Incredibly horny!!
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