Josh Fucks Quinn

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Description: Josh and Quinn make out, but before I can even blink, Josh is sucking Quinn’s hot cock. He gives Quinn a stellar blow job. Josh is totally enjoying that dick in his mouth. He sucks on Quinn’s nuts before swallowing his cock again. Then, he pushes Quinn’s legs over his head and rims Quinn’s ass. Josh sticks his tongue down deeply, pausing only to suck on Quinn’s nuts again. Josh continues to eat Quinn out, then licks his fingers to stick them inside Quinn’s hole. Quinn moans with pleasure. “Whoa, you’re tight,” Josh says. He works his finger inside, then follows it up with his tongue again. Then he sticks two fingers in, driving Quinn crazy. Josh chews and kisses on Quinn’s nipples, and kisses him passionately. Quinn finally ahs a chance to get Josh’s jeans off him. He goes down on Josh’s thick dick. Quinn takes that cock all the way to the balls. He flicks the head with his tongue, and Josh is loving it. Josh licks his fingers again and reaches back to play with Quinn’s ass again. Quinn continues to go down all the way on Josh. Josh smacks Quinn’s ass and then surprises him with a vibrator! Lubing it up, Josh works the vibrator into Quinn’s ass. Quinn gasps Josh slides the toy all the way in. Josh turns it on, and Quinn pants heavily as the vibration hits the spot! Josh pushes the toy in and out as it vibrates. He compliments Quinn on his ass. Quinn says he wants Josh’s cock inside him. Josh is happy to oblige! Quinn leans over the bed and Josh shoves his dick inside Quinn’s ass. Quinn moans as he takes that thick cock. Quinn tells Josh to slap his ass. Josh pounds Quinn faster and harder. He goes balls-deep with every thrust. Quinn begs for more of Josh’s big dick. Josh gives him every inch! Quinn lays flat on the bed and Josh shoves his cock into him again. Josh piledrives his dick into Quinn. Quinn smacks Josh’s ass, which makes Josh slam into him even harder. Josh kisses Quinn again and flips him onto his back. He fucks Quinn missionary-style. Quinn tells Josh to cum inside him. Josh blows his load. Josh spits on the vibrator and sticks it back into Quinn’s ass. He fucks him with it. Quinn blasts a huge load onto his stomach! The guys kiss passionately and I bet Quinn’s never had a fuck with such good vibrations!