Southern Strokes - Bentley Layne - Me Time

Duration: 9:51 Views: 510 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Working two jobs and going to school can be challenging, leaving poor Bentley Layne with very little time to do much of anything. Which is why it’s so important for the olive skinned, tattooed beauty to kick back and chill with some “me time.” The trouble is, he doesn’t always have the time to detox and destress. So what does a healthy, horny young man do to relieve that stress? Why, only every man’s favorite past time of jerking off! The handsome hunk strips down in the roman tub and whips out a ropey load, in a solo scene many of us can relate to. Because, let’s face it, sometimes, with our busy schedules, the only “me time” we get are those stolen, treasured moments just before a shower, where we can rub out a fast one before getting back to our daily obligations as responsible adults.