NextDoorRaw - Zak Bishop & Roman Todd - Curious Neighbor

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Description: Roman Todd has a curious feeling about the new neighbor, Zak Bishop. Zak thinks Roman is sexy but he has had his share of curious straight men before, and it has always left him disappointed. 'They would like you to suck them off and they won't kiss,' he informs Roman,'then they never call you again. 'Roman kisses Zak and informs him he will call back him. Zak isn't that sure, therefore Roman kisses his way down Zak's body and starts to suck his dick, slowly working the shaft with his tongue before downing it to the base. Zak has to acknowledge that Roman sure seems to have the ability to suck a fantastic cock to get a man who's just'interested' but when Roman flips him over and starts to eat his ass, Zak becomes increasingly more convinced that Roman is a lot more than inquisitive. He goes with as Roman tongues his hole, telling Roman to fuck him hard. Roman slides his dick to Zak's buttocks and extended dicks him slowly, watching his cock move in and out of Zak's hole. Zak asks him whether his girlfriend allows Roman fuck her in the ass and Roman laughs, picking up the pace and fucking Zak harder. Zak moans his acceptance before flipping Roman over and climbing aboard. He allows Roman fuck him all over the mattress, before Roman moves him over to the window. Zak shoots his load as Roman fucks him in the window, spraying it around himself as Roman pulls out and does exactly the same, blasting Zak's body along with his first homosexual load in front of the entire city. Zak smiles and thinks,'That's some cumming out'.Enjoy!