RopedStuds Wyatt Part 4

Duration: 20:07 Views: 829 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Young slave Wyatt practically fucks the concrete pillar in front of him, waiting for his master to return and fuck him. Rope man J.J. finally arrives - with a long, tapered dildo, greased up and ready to go. “Oh yeah, oh fuck!” Wyatt moans as his master fucks his freshly caned ass. Then J.J. gets creative. He flips his naked slave around and binds him to the pillar with clear plastic wrap, from just above his ankles to his shoulders. Little Wyatt can’t move an inch! J.J. cuts a small hole for his slave’s cock and balls to pop-out, then gets him nice and hard. A little later, J.J. exposes his boy’s nipples and attacks them with a razor-sharp pinwheel.
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